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Allergic reactions occurring after tattooing, especially after the use of red tattoo ink ingredients are relatively rare. We report a painful skin reaction occurring 6 months after the tattoing of the right lower extremity in a 30-year-old female patient. Pathohistological and immunchemical results confirmed a pseudolymphoma. Only the tangential excision of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this retrospective study was to investigate the frequency and appearance of median nerve neuropathy following perilunate dislocation injuries with respect to the preceding surgical decompression and the clinical outcome. PATIENTS AND METHODS 32 patients were followed for a mean of 65 months after surgery for perilunate dislocation,(More)
A 45-year-old man suffered from a complex bone and soft tissue defect of the middle phalanx of his left middle finger after an electric saw injury. Here, we present the patient’s clinical and radiological outcomes after reconstruction with a free vascularized metacarpal II bone graft and an extended distally based second dorsal metacarpal artery skin flap(More)
Evaluation of early cup movement is an important diagnostic tool to predict the likelihood of long-term implant loosening and clinical failure. The investigated cementless cup is clinically proven over 10 years, but there is a paucity of information that accurately describes the migration characteristics of this component. We retrospectively analysed the(More)
Reconstruction of trochanteric pressure sores continues to challenge reconstructive surgeons because recurrence is not uncommon and patients typically have undergone previous surgery. We herein report on the use of a large adipocutaneous TFLPP rotated for 180° facilitating reconstruction of a recurring trochanteric decubital ulcer in a 37-year-old male(More)
The denervation of the wrist is a known method to treat the painful wrist. Pain relief and therefore functional improvement is the main goal to be achieved, but very little is known about other effects such the influence on proprioception. There are references that indicate an effect on reflex arcs after a certain stimulus on the wrist, and thus, changes in(More)
BACKGROUND Due to various options for tissue resection and preoperative markings, many different reports on aesthetics and patient's satisfaction exist. To assess differences among tissue resections and risk factors, we herein analyzed satisfaction levels of patients that underwent upper blepharoplasty. METHODS A retrospective analysis during the period(More)
Wiederherstellung der Beugesehnenkontinuität und -mechanik durch direkte Naht. Aktive Nachbehandlung für Streckung und Beugung. Durchtrennung der tiefen und der oberflächlichen Beugesehne in allen Zonen, auch in Kombination mit Begleitverletzungen, wenn eine primäre Heilung und ein gutes funktionelles Ergebnis zu erwarten sind. Akute und chronische(More)
AIM To evaluate visual quality and postoperative results as well adverse events in myopic patients undergoing I-CARE anterior-chamber angle-supported phakic intraocular lens (IOL) implantation. DESIGN A retrospective, non-randomised, case series. PARTICIPANTS Data on 29 eyes (16 patients) receiving I-CARE phakic IOL for high myopia (-11.66±3.3) were(More)