Ali A. Qureshi

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BACKGROUND Comprehensive aesthetic surgery education is an integral part of plastic surgery residency training. Recently, the ACGME increased minimum requirements for aesthetic procedures in residency. To expand aesthetic education and prepare residents for independent practice, our institution has supported a resident cosmetic clinic for over 25 years. (More)
BACKGROUND Recently, shock wave therapy has been investigated as an adjuvant therapy in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. There are several devices with focused and unfocused shock waves that have been administered to a heterogenous group of wounds. Encouraging preclinical and clinical studies suggest that shock wave therapy may promote wound(More)
The objectives of this Descriptive study were, to determine the frequency of Nosocomial infection in the medical department, to identify the causes of Nosocomial infection and to identify the risk factors for Nosocomial infections. This hospital based descriptive study was conducted at Liaquat University Hospital (a tertiaty care hospital) Hyderabad Sindh(More)
BACKGROUND Meaningful data to help guide resource allocation for staged tissue expander/implant-based breast reconstruction are currently lacking. The authors seek to differentiate uneventful from successful reconstruction and identify common outcome pathways and factors that portend a deviation from an uneventful, two-stage, two-operation course. METHODS(More)
Construction of a gastrointestinal stoma is a frequently performed surgical procedure. The rationale for a temporary loop ileostomy is to provide defunctioning in case of a potentionally dangerous anastomotic complication with an obvious risk for mortality. Although formaton of defunctioning loop Ileostomy is usually a straightforward procedure, there is an(More)
to payments, and impacted academic and private plastic surgeons similarly. The system of public reporting within the OPD. PurPose: Our purpose was to evaluate the impact of 3D imaging during preoperative consultation on patient reported outcomes in primary breast augmentation surgery using the Breast Q. We hypothesized that 3D imaging would facilitate(More)
One strategy adopted by vaccinia virus (VV) to evade the host immune system is to encode homologs of TNF receptors (TNFRs) that block TNF-α function. The response to VV skin infection under conditions of TNF-α deficiency, however, has not been reported. We found that TNFR1-/- mice developed larger primary lesions, numerous satellite lesions, and higher skin(More)
It is unclear how to interpret ulnar variance (UV) as determined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Using a radiology database, we retrospectively assessed UV on MRI and compared it with UV on radiographs. MR images of 163 wrists (158 patients) were reviewed. Mean (SD) UV was -0.16 (2.43) mm on radiographs, -0.62 (2.41) mm on T1-weighted (bone-to-bone)(More)