Alhama Arjona-Esteban

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A series of nine dipolar merocyanine dyes has been studied as organic semiconductors in transistors and solar cells. These dyes exhibited single-crystal packing motifs with different dimensional ordering, which can be correlated to the performance of the studied devices. Hereby, the long-range ordering of the dyes in staircase-like slipped stacks with(More)
Directed by the solvent polarity, the prevalent conformation of a polymethine dye bearing a branched π-conjugated junction can be switched from a heptamethine donor-acceptor (DA) merocyanine-type π-conjugated system to a nonamethine DAD cyanine-type π-conjugated scaffold. Concomitantly the absorption maximum shifts from 585 nm in dichloromethane to 748 nm(More)
A key issue for the application of π-conjugated organic molecules as thin film solid-state materials is the packing structure, which drastically affects optical and electronic properties due to intermolecular coupling. In this regard, merocyanine dyes usually pack in H-coupled antiparallel arrangements while structures with more interesting J-type coupling(More)
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