Algirdas Sukys

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The OMG SBVR standard is the most mature abstract representation for Business semantics; however, the complexity of SBVR metamodel prevents its broad and rapid usage in business communities. There are a few SBVR implementations yet, but the popularity of SBVR is growing as different interest-groups are finding the variety of ways for applying the SBVR(More)
The paper presents transformation framework from questions in structured language based on Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR) into SPARQL queries over ontologies defined in Web Ontology Language OWL 2 and, possibly, supplemented with Semantic Web rules SWRL. Such transformation depends on OWL 2 ontology related with corresponding SBVR(More)
Today information systems more and more often rely on ontologies that are able to represent meaningful concepts and complex relationships among them relevant for business models and their supporting software systems. However, ontology development and access to ontological data is only possible on deep technological level that is not friendly for business(More)
The goal of the paper is to present the enhanced database schema for storing ontologies considering new features of OWL 2 and possibilities of querying these ontologies using SPARQL. The growing size of ontologies and the scope of their applications require the effective means for storing ontology data that relational databases already have approved. Many(More)