Algimantas Venckauskas

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Smartphone-based biometrics offers a wide range of possible solutions, which could be used to authenticate users and thus to provide an extra level of security and theft prevention. We propose a method for positive identification of smartphone user’s identity using user’s gait characteristics captured by embedded smartphone sensors (gyroscopes,(More)
In this paper we present the implementation analysis of the matrix power cipher (MPC) in embedded systems. These systems have restricted computation resources, i.e. computation speed and memory. So far the question of fast ciphers construction is very actual since a lot of projects were announced to solve this problem. For example in 2000–2003 the NESSIE(More)
This paper introduces the sensor-networked IoT model as a prototype to support the design of Body Area Network (BAN) applications for healthcare. Using the model, we analyze the synergistic effect of the functional requirements (data collection from the human body and transferring it to the top level) and non-functional requirements (trade-offs between(More)
Program protection, programming code integrity and intellectual property protection are important problems in embedded systems. Security mechanisms for embedded systems have some specific restrictions related to limited resources, bandwidth requirements and security. In this paper we develop a secret encryption key generation algorithm by using the(More)
This paper examines the application domains of the experimental scripting language Open PROMOL and its processor. The language processor EREBUS is an experimental tool aiming to support developing generic (reusable) components and building domain-specific program generators. Developing of generic VHDL components, data and program specialization for(More)
Both distributed healthcare systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently hot topics. The latter is a new computing paradigm to enable advanced capabilities in engineering various applications, including those for healthcare. For such systems, the core social requirement is the privacy/security of the patient information along with the technical(More)