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This paper proposes an electronic device that emulates the electric power generated by complete wind systems in order to test alkaline water electrolysers under real operating conditions typical of wind regimes. This Wind Emulator has a rated power of 10 kW. It is first validated by means of experimental tests in order to probe its performance concerning(More)
The development of an accurate battery model is essential for the design of any energy storage system and the power converter connected to it. This paper reports on an experimental characterization, modelling and validation of a commercial NMC lithium-ion battery with a rated voltage of 133 V and a rated capacity of 40 Ah. It is a straightforward model,(More)
In terms of volume, transformers are the most important components of switch mode power supplies (SMPS). When moving towards higher frequencies in order to reduce the converter volume, the impact of high-frequency (HF) effects in the windings increases. This paper proposes a transformer design methodology that takes into account these HF effects in solid(More)
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