Alfredo Testa

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Posterior vitreous detachment is a fairly common condition in elderly people. Tractions exerted by the detached vitreous on the retina may result in retinal tears and detachments. We studied how these tractions can arise from saccadic eye movements. Numerical simulations have been performed on a two-dimensional model of the vitreous chamber within a rigid(More)
In this paper, a real-time instrument for nonstationary disturbance measurement on power lines is reported. It is mainly based on a digital signal processor TMS320C6711 and on an original algorithm. In this paper, a full description of the realized instrument, which implements the proposed method for disturbance detection and extraction, is described in(More)
INTRODUCTION Over a period of 40 years (1949 to 1989) more than 400 nuclear explosions were carried out at the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site (STS) which is located in the north-eastern part of the Kazakh Republic. According to the Kazakh Scientific Institute for Radiation Medicine and Ecology, 26 surface and 92 atmospheric nuclear explosions were carried(More)
In this paper, a new analytical estimator for light flicker in frequency domain, which is able to take into account also the frequency components neglected by the classical methods proposed in literature, is proposed. The analytical solutions proposed apply for any generic stationary signal affected by interharmonic distortion. The light flicker analytical(More)
The effects of unbalances, harmonics, and interharmonics on PLL systems are analyzed. After a brief review of some typical schemes for three-phase and single-phase PLLs, an analytical assessment of the phase angle and frequency errors for PLLs in the presence of disturbances is performed to obtain simple analytical formulas. Numerous case studies for the(More)
A primary problem in waveform distortion assessment in power systems is to examine ways to reduce the effects of spectral leakage. In the framework of DFT approaches, line frequency synchronization techniques or algorithms to compensate for desynchronization are necessary; alternative approaches such as those based on the Prony and ESPRIT methods are not(More)