Alfredo Teixeira

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Bee pollen is considered, since memorable times, a good source of nourishing substances and energy. The present study aimed to evaluate the biological activities of eight commercial bee pollens purchased from the market. The origin of sample A was not specified in the labeling; samples B, C, D and G were from Portugal and the remaining were from Spain. The(More)
The correct assessment of meat quality (i.e., to fulfill the consumer's needs) is crucial element within the meat industry. Although there are several factors that affect the perception of taste, tenderness is considered the most important characteristic. In this paper, a Feature Selection procedure, based on a Sensitivity Analysis, is combined with a(More)
A Box-Behnken design of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was conducted to analyse the effect of time (10-30 min), temperature (25-95°C), and solvents concentration (5-90%) on the extraction of total phenolics, flavonoids, ortho-diphenols, and anthocyanins as well as to assess the ABTS(+) scavenging capacity, which were considered as response variables.(More)
This study aimed to assess and compare the growth performance, feed efficiency, and carcass traits of Pantaneiro sheep and their Texel and Santa Inês crossbreds. Ninety-six lambs, fifty-one males, and forty-five females, with a mean weaning weight of 15.21 ± 1.25 kg and 78 ± 13 days of age, were slaughtered at a 32-kg body weight. The results showed better(More)
UNLABELLED The main objective of this study was the sensory characterization, by a taste and a consumers' panel, of fresh sausages from 140 culled goats and 140 culled ewes. Species and type of preparation effects were studied. All data were previously analyzed by analysis of variance. Taste panel data were analyzed by a Generalized Procrustes Analysis(More)
A simple reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method suitable for the simultaneous determination of benzocaine and benzyl benzoate in dermatological preparations is described. An internal standard method was employed, using C18 "bonded phase" silica column and a mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile - water (40:60, v/v), with absorption(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of caponization on the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of rooster and capon meat (2 Portuguese autochthonous chicken breeds of roosters:Amarela and Pedrês), raised under the same production. The birds were castrated at 9 wk of age and bred until 140 d of age. Forty Amarela (20 roosters and(More)
The assessment of quality is a key factor for the meat industry , where the aim is to fulfill the consumer's needs. In particular , tenderness is considered the most important characteristic affecting consumer perception of taste. In this paper, a Neural Network Ensemble, with feature selection based on a Sensitivity Analysis procedure, is proposed to(More)
The effect of three pork backfat levels (0% vs. 10% vs. 30%) on chemical composition, fatty acid profile and sensory properties on sheep and goat meat sausages was studied. All physicochemical parameters were affected by the addition of pork backfat in both types of sausages. Sausages manufactured with 30% of pork backfat showed the lowest moisture and(More)
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