Alfredo Teixeira

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The correct assessment of meat quality (i.e., to fulfill the consumer's needs) is crucial element within the meat industry. Although there are several factors that affect the perception of taste, tenderness is considered the most important characteristic. In this paper, a Feature Selection procedure, based on a Sensitivity Analysis, is combined with a(More)
This study aimed to assess and compare the growth performance, feed efficiency, and carcass traits of Pantaneiro sheep and their Texel and Santa Inês crossbreds. Ninety-six lambs, fifty-one males, and forty-five females, with a mean weaning weight of 15.21 ± 1.25 kg and 78 ± 13 days of age, were slaughtered at a 32-kg body weight. The results showed better(More)
The assessment of quality is a key factor for the meat industry , where the aim is to fulfill the consumer's needs. In particular , tenderness is considered the most important characteristic affecting consumer perception of taste. In this paper, a Neural Network Ensemble, with feature selection based on a Sensitivity Analysis procedure, is proposed to(More)
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