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OBJECTIVE To determine the cost-effectiveness of thromboprophylaxis with enoxaparin versus no thromboprophlaxis in patients with acute medical illness in Italy from the NHS perspective. METHODS Markov process analysis techniques were used to model the health economic outcomes. Clinical data were derived mainly from the MEDENOX trial, while health care(More)
300 abortion seekers were interviewed to investigate the causes leading to interruption of pregnancy, and the characteristics of the women themselves. 19% were below 20, and 10% below 18 years of age; 26% were immigrants from the south of Italy, and most had a very low educational and socioeconomic status. About 30% were housewives, and 57% were married.(More)
A two-year controlled clinical study of the effectiveness of postcoital IUD as a continuing contraceptive method in 98 women requesting a postcoital contraception is presented. The control group was selected from women requesting an IUD as contraceptive choice. The rates of accidental pregnancy, expulsion and removal for medical reasons did not differ(More)
Between June 1978 and January 1979 300 abortions were performed at the Bassini hospital in Milano, Italy; they were the first abortions performed after the promulgation of law 194 which made abortion legal in Italy. This number represented 57% of the number of requests for abortion during that period. Only 3% of abortions were performed before the 8th(More)
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