Alfredo Sandes

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Programming can be a challenging activity for young children. While there are numerous programming environments for children, relatively few of these environments take advantage of tangible interfaces. Research suggests that using tangible tools, such as physical blocks, can engage students to explore introductory programming concepts more easily than(More)
Recent research in CS education has leveraged machine learning techniques to capture students’ progressions through assignments in programming courses based on their code submissions [1, 2]. With this in mind, we present a methodology for creating a set of descriptors of the students’ progression based on their coding styles as captured by different(More)
Recent work in CS education has leveraged machine-­learning techniques to gain insight into the ways in which students approach a given programming assignment. Piech et al. (Piech, Sahami, Koller, Cooper, & Blikstein, 2012) created a graphical model of how students in an introductory programming course progressed through a homework assignment. They(More)
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