Alfredo R. Sancho

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An effective methodology to determine the amount of cisplatin or carboplatin at the solid tumor site in a noninvasive manner may enable clinicians to design drug regimens based on an individual's in situ pharmacokinetics. Such noninvasive methods may allow optimization of an individual's drug exposure at the target site, as well as provide a screening(More)
 Purpose: Anesthetics can alter the biodistribution profile of drugs and, consequently, the regional pharmacokinetics of antineoplastic drugs at the tumor site. The effect of coadministered anesthetics on the biodistribution profile of carboplatin was studied in rats. Methods: Female Wistar rats were used to compare the effects of ketamine/xylazine,(More)
As part of the 65th Medical Brigade tick-borne disease surveillance program to determine the abundance, geographical and seasonal distributions, and tick-borne pathogens present in the Republic of Korea, dragging and sweeping methods were compared to determine their efficiency for collecting ticks in grass and deciduous, conifer, and mixed forest habitats(More)
This study describes the seasonal distribution of larvae, nymph, and adult life stages for 3 species of ixodid ticks collected by tick drag and sweep methods from various habitats in the Republic of Korea (ROK). Grasses less than 0.5 m in height, including herbaceous and crawling vegetation, and deciduous, conifer, and mixed forests with abundant(More)
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