Alfredo R. R. Narváez

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OBJECTIVES A rapid influx of Latino migrant workers came to New Orleans after Hurricane-Katrina. Many of these men were unaccompanied by their primary sex partner potentially placing them at high-risk for HIV/STIs. The purpose of this study was to assess HIV/STI sexual risk behavior of these men. METHODS A venue-based sample of Latinos who came to New(More)
Synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence has been used to study differences in the trace element concentration between the dentine and cementum rings of human teeth. The results show that metals such as zinc are concentrated in the cementum rings. This suggests that if the rings are deposited annually a temporal record of metal exposure may be extracted from(More)
This report reflects the results of the UNESCO/UNEP project on " Youth, sustainable consumption and life styles " , which was launched in March 2000. The project was framed around a survey on the consumption patterns of young people in 24 countries and six country case studies. The results of the survey and the case studies were presented and discussed in a(More)
Protease impurities in raw materials used in enzyme immunoassays can impair assay performance. This risk may be greatly decreased if incoming protein-based raw materials are controlled for protease impurities or if protease inhibitors are used in the assay formulations. As many different proteases might occur in protein raw materials, it is desirable to(More)
Air-aqueous interfacial properties of four excipient proteins commonly used in immunoassay reagent formulations were studied with shear rheology and surface characterization methods. A Du Noüy ring geometry was utilized to quantify the elastic (G') and viscous (G″) shear moduli of protein interfacial networks and to probe the effect of several nonionic(More)
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