Alfredo Perez

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Ensuring a constant flow of information is essential for offering quick help in different types of disasters. In the following, we report on a work-in-progress distributed, collaborative and tangible system for supporting crisis management. On one hand, field operators need devices that collect informa-tion—personal notes and sensor data—without(More)
The effect of breastfeeding on fertility is well known; however, its use as a method of family planning was, until recently, untested. In 1988, the Bellagio Consensus Conference proposed guidelines that became the basis for a method of family planning called the lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM). The principle of LAM is that a woman who continues to(More)
UNLABELLED Oxygen is a neonatal health hazard that should be avoided in clinical practice. In this review, an international team of neonatologists and nurses assessed oxygen saturation (SpO2 ) targeting in preterm infants and evaluated the potential weaknesses of randomised clinical trials. CONCLUSION SpO2 of 85-89% can increase mortality and 91-95% can(More)
Global charges and thermodynamic properties of three-dimensional higher spin black holes that have been recently found in the literature are revisited. Since these solutions possess a relaxed asymptotically AdS behavior, following the canonical approach, it is shown that the global charges, and in particular the mass, acquire explicit nontrivial(More)
The new type of ring-imaging Cherenkov detector technology called Dirc (an acronym for Detection of Internally Reflected Cherenkov (Light)) has been used successfully for hadronic particle identification in the BABAR experiment at the B Factory (PEP-II) located at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. This paper describes the R&D for and the(More)
Chern–Simons models for gravity are interesting because they provide with a truly gauge-invariant action principle in the fiber-bundle sense. So far, their main drawback has largely been the perceived remoteness from standard General Relativity, based on the presence of higher powers of the curvature in the Lagrangian (except, remarkably, for(More)
For many years, ageing of gametes as a result of prolonged retention in the female reproductive tract before fertilisation has been circumstantially associated with major birth defects. To assess this association, we studied pregnant women who had recorded the timing, with regard to presumed ovulation, of the coital event leading to conception. We found(More)