Alfredo Morabia

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Paraoxonase is a high-density-lipoprotein-associated enzyme capable of hydrolysing lipid peroxides. Thus it might protect lipoproteins from oxidation. It has two isoforms, which arise from a glutamine (A isoform) to arginine (B isoform) interchange at position 192. The relevance of this polymorphism to coronary heart disease (CHD) in non-insulin-dependent(More)
Reduced levels of global DNA methylation are associated with genomic instability and are independent predictors of cancer risk. Little is known about the environmental determinants of global DNA methylation in peripheral blood. We examined the association between demographic and lifestyle factors and levels of global leukocyte DNA methylation in 161(More)
Studies on passive smoking have consistently shown a tendency toward an increased risk of breast cancer, while studies an active smoking have failed to demonstrate an association. This apparent contradiction may stem from not separating passive smokers from the unexposed when assessing the effect of active smoking. a population based case-control study was(More)
BACKGROUND Physical inactivity is an important risk factor for chronic diseases, but for many (mainly developing) countries, no prevalence data have ever been published. OBJECTIVE To present data on the prevalence of physical inactivity for 51 countries and for different age groups and settings across these countries. METHODS Data analysis (conducted in(More)
The association of breast cancer with passive and active smoking was investigated in slow and fast acetylators of aromatic amines in a Geneva, Switzerland, study in 1996-1997. A slow acetylator was homozygous for one, or heterozygous for two, of three N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) polymorphisms determined on buccal cell DNA from 177 breast cancer cases and(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the incidence, risk factors, and case fatality rate of status epilepticus (SE) in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. METHODS Between October 1, 1997 and September 30, 1998 all cases of SE referred to all the hospitals in the six cantons of the French-speaking part of Switzerland were identified by physicians working in(More)
The objective of the current study was to estimate the risk of lung cancer attributable to occupational factors and not due to tobacco. At 24 hospitals in nine metropolitan areas in the United States, 1793 male lung cancer cases were matched for race, age, hospital, year of interview, and cigarette smoking (never smoker, ex-smoker, smoker (1-19 and > or =(More)
The variability of the Class B Type I Scavenger Receptor (SR-BI) gene in human populations and the relation of its variants to blood lipids was investigated in a random sample of 1756 untreated adult residents of Geneva, Switzerland, during 1999-2000. A three-step study approach yielded the following results: (1) resequencing the gene's exons and flanking(More)
A recent paper from the United States reported a sharp and unexplained increase in invasive lobular breast cancer incidence since 1977 (Li et al., Cancer 2000;88:2561-9). We investigated if this trend was also present in Geneva, Switzerland, where breast cancer incidence is one of the highest in Europe. We analyzed trends in breast cancer incidence(More)