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The Delphi method was used to determine the health priorities in one Swiss canton. The opinion of various groups concerned, either as health professionals or as representatives of the general population, was gathered to identify the health determinants and health problems perceived as most important, to clarify the reasons for these choices, and to(More)
OBJECTIVES The goals of this study were to describe the distribution of smokers by stage of change in Geneva, Switzerland; to compare this result with distributions observed in other countries; and to assess whether, across samples from different countries, the stage distribution of current smokers was associated with the prevalence of smoking. METHODS(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a smoke free programme implemented at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, in 1996. This programme included a prohibition to smoke in university buildings everywhere except in limited areas, and a smoking cessation counselling service. METHODS Surveys were conducted before and four(More)
Collecting saliva samples by mail can serve numerous purposes in epidemiologic research. The objectives of this study were to assess what proportion of participants in a mail survey would provide a saliva sample and whether incentives could improve participation. In 1995, 2,994 students, faculty, and staff members of Geneva University, Geneva, Switzerland,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Despite excellent mortality indicators, there is clear evidence that the health status of the population of Geneva could be improved if more attention and resources were devoted to prevention strategies. To identify a set of robust health priorities an original approach was used triangulating results between three methods. METHODS The(More)
There is an enormous " Damocles' sword " hanged up over our recent past. Archives, information, artefacts, multimedia data, interactive installations but even completely different object such as cars or games will disappear or became unusable in a " short " period of time. Rapid changes in technology make preservation of digital content a challenge. Taking(More)
„ „ Promotes the use of ICT Promotes the use of ICT & New Tech in the field of & New Tech in the field of culture culture-education, education, cultural heritage cultural heritage „ „ Main actions: Main actions: „ „ Information sharing Information sharing – – web web based services based services „ „ Events and initiatives, Events and initiatives, research(More)