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Genes encoding fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) are expressed in early Xenopus neurulae in the prospective midbrain-hindbrain boundary (MHB) region of the neural plate. These expression domains overlap those of XWnt-1 and XEn-2, raising the question of the role of FGF signalling in the regulation of these genes, and more generally about the function of FGF(More)
The effect of auxin on ribosomal protein phosphorylation of germinating maize (Zea mays) tissues was investigated. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and autoradiography of [(32)P] ribosomal protein patterns for natural and synthetic auxin-treated tissues were performed. Both the rate of (32)P incorporation and the electrophoretic patterns were dependent(More)
Having an accurate model of the power curve of a wind turbine allows us to better monitor its operation and planning of storage capacity. Since wind speed and direction is of a highly stochastic nature, the forecasting of the power generated by the wind turbine is of the same nature as well. In this paper, a method for obtaining a robust confidence band(More)
Psychopathological conditions in which decision making is impaired are common and include schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and addiction, among others. This dissertation aimed to investigate the role of cholinergic signaling in risky and impulsive decision making. Rats were trained in either a " probability discounting " task in(More)
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