Alfredo Lopez Aretxabaleta

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the framework of the European Space Agency Living Planet programme. It will provide long-awaited remotely-sensed Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) maps over the oceans with a 3-day revisiting time [1]. The SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre (SMOS-BEC) in Barcelona, Spain, will be involved in several activities at different levels of the salinity retrieval processing(More)
A persistent gyre at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy results from a combination of tidal rectification and buoyancy forcing (Aretxabaleta et al., J. Geophys. Res., vol. 113, 2008). Here we assess interannual variability in the strength of the gyre using data assimilative model simulations. Realistic hindcast representations of the Gyre are considered over the(More)
The characteristics of a persistent gyre in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy are studied using model simulations. A set of climatological runs are conducted to evaluate the relative importance of the different forcing mechanisms affecting the gyre. The main mechanisms are tidal rectification, and density-driven circulation. Stronger circulation of the gyre(More)
Numerical modeling has emerged over the last several decades as a widely accepted tool for investigations in environmental sciences. In estuarine research, hydrodynamic and ecological models have moved along parallel tracks with regard to complexity, refinement, computational power, and incorporation of uncertainty. Coupled hydrodynamic-ecological models(More)
In this paper, first preliminary results obtained during the commissioning phase of the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission are described, devoting special attention to the characterization of the systematic errors found in the measurements and the corresponding impact in the retrieved geophysical product. The identified issues and objectives to(More)
The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity mission (SMOS) from the European Space Agency, launched in November 2009, has initiated the era of satellite-based salinity observations. However, because of the numerous geophysical contamination sources and the retrieval complexity, salinity products will have a low signal-to-noise ratio at Level 2. Averaging data in(More)
A simple improvement to objective analysis of hydrographic data is proposed to eliminate spatial aliasing effects in tidally energetic regions. The proposed method consists of the evaluation of anomalies from observations with respect to circulation model fields. The procedure is run iteratively to achieve convergence. The method is applied in the Bay of(More)
Cysts of Alexandrium fundyense, a dinoflagellate that causes toxic algal blooms in the Gulf of Maine, spend the winter as dormant cells in the upper layer of bottom sediment or the bottom nepheloid layer and germinate in spring to initiate new blooms. Erosion measurements were made on sediment cores collected at seven stations in the Gulf of Maine in the(More)