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— Research and development of technologies supporting subscriber location identification has rapidly increased around the world. A technology demonstrator was developed for wireless location estimation in IS-95 CDMA wireless cellular systems. Field measurements were used to evaluate the performance of the developed technology demonstrator. Interim results,(More)
The feeding ecology and habitat use of the most frequently sighted and/or regularly reported stranded or by-caught toothed whale species of the North Western Iberian Peninsula (NWIP) were examined, with a special focus on their trophic position (TP) and relationships with their prey. With this aim, the stable isotope ratios of carbon (δ 13 C) and nitrogen(More)
This study aims to assess niche segregation among the five main toothed whales 25 that frequent the NW Iberian Peninsula waters: the common dolphin, the harbour porpoise, 26 the bottlenose dolphin, the striped dolphin and the long-finned pilot whale. We used cadmium 27 (Cd) and stable isotope ratios (δ 13 C and δ 15 N) as ecological tracers to assess degree(More)
We describe a method for analyzing the shape variability of images, called geometric PCA. Our approach is based on the use of deformation operators to model the geometric variability of images around a reference mean pattern. This leads to a new algorithm for estimating shape variability. Some numerical experiments on real images are proposed to highlight(More)
The integration of ecological and genetic approaches is a particularly powerful strategy to identify natural population structure and to obtain information on foraging habitat and habits and social structure, over different timescales. In order to investigate the potential occurrence of population segregation in long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas)(More)
Acknowledgements This thesis arose in part out of years of research that has been done before I came to Philips Connectivity group. By that time, I have worked with a great number of people whose contribution in assorted ways to the research and the making of the thesis deserved special mention. It is a pleasure to convey my gratitude to them all in my(More)
  • Manuel Antonio Espitia Escuer, Alfredo López, Manuel Antonio Espitia, Alfredo López Campo
  • 2005
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