Alfredo Kalaitzis

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We present a system for predicting gaming-related properties from Twitter profiles. Our system predicts various traits of users based on the tweets publicly available on their profiles. Such inferred traits include degrees of tech-savviness, knowledge on computer games, actual gaming performance, preferred platform, degree of originality, humor and(More)
This project investigates the applicability of Gaussian processes (GPs) as a prediction method for image inpainting, a process which reconstructs lost or deteriorated parts of an image based on the remaining portion. The use of GPs in this context not only allows us to make a single prediction for the missing region but also to draw multiple samples(More)
In figure 1, suppose we are throwing darts to each of the Cartesian systems. The probability of a dart falling anywhere in the red area is easy to compute when we are dealing with analytical shapes such as a rectangle or a circle; but how do we compute the probability of success in the third case? One approach is the Riemann integration method by separating(More)
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