Alfredo José Mansur

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BACKGROUND Late prognosis after infective endocarditis has not been systematically studied in large series of patients with different underlying heart conditions in recent years. METHODS We studied an inception cohort study of 420 patients discharged after treatment of endocarditis from a university tertiary care hospital. The patients were aged(More)
BACKGROUND The present study addresses the hypothesis that the activity of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV), an enzyme that inactivates peptides that possess cardioprotective actions, correlates with adverse outcomes in heart failure (HF). The therapeutic potential of DPPIV inhibition in preventing cardiac dysfunction is also investigated. METHODS AND(More)
these five haplotypes was 0.00072 (w1⁄4 21.27, 5df), of which the most significant overtransmitted haplotype was the most common haplotype ‘TGTCA’ (frequency1⁄4 37%, P1⁄4 0.01). Owing to the lower LD extent of P1328 with P1655, we also analyzed haplotypes based on the other four markers, which showed excess transmission of haplotype ‘GTCA’ to the(More)
OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that exercise-related periodic breathing (EPB) would be associated with poor prognosis in advanced chronic heart failure (CHF). BACKGROUND Patients with CHF might present instability of the ventilatory control system characterized by cyclic waxing and waning of tidal volume (periodic breathing [PB]). This condition is associated(More)
BACKGROUND Heart rate recovery after treadmill electrocardiographic exercise stress test is modulated by the autonomic nervous system. Analysis of heart rate variability can provide useful information about autonomic control of the cardiovascular system. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis of association between heart recovery after(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of 3 types of noninvasive respiratory support systems in the treatment of acute pulmonary edema: oxygen therapy (O2), continuous positive airway pressure, and bilevel positive pressure ventilation. METHODS We studied prospectively 26 patients with acute pulmonary edema, who were randomized into 1 of 3 types of respiratory(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies evaluated systemic arterial embolism after beginning of symptoms of infective endocarditis in a large series of patients. METHODS We studied 629 patients with left-sided infective endocarditis, aged 37.9+/-17.3 years, 396(63%) men and 233(37%) women. Endocarditis occurred on native valves in 405(64.4%) patients and on prosthetic(More)
BACKGROUND The use of serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) for cardiovascular risk profiling requires knowledge of the distribution in different populations. We studied serum hs-CRP in a healthy Brazilian population, with no evidence of heart disease, relative to gender and smoking status as well as other clinical and laboratory variables. (More)
BACKGROUND Phospholamban (PLN) is a crucial Ca(2+) cycling protein and a primary mediator of the β-adrenergic effects resulting in enhanced cardiac output. Mutations in the gene encoding PLN have been associated with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy; however, no systematic search for PLN mutations in heart failure has been conducted. METHODS We screened(More)
Myocyte diameter, fractional area of collagen, intensity of myocarditis and parasite persistence (explored by immunohistochemistry and PCR) were evaluated in serial sections of endomyocardial biopsies from 29 outpatients with chronic chagasic cardiopathy. The patients, 25 males and four females with a mean (S.D.) age of 43 (9) years, were subsequently(More)