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The specific deposition of histone variants into chromatin is an important epigenetic mechanism that contributes to gene regulation through chromatin architectural changes. The histone variant H2A.Z(More)
The IGF-binding proteins (IGFBPs) play a dual role in the regulation of the activity and bioavailability of IGFs in different tissues. Diverse evidence has shown that IGFBPs can inhibit and/or(More)
Incorporation of histone variants into chromatin is one of the epigenetic mechanisms used for regulation of gene expression. Macro (m)H2A is a histone variant that has two different subtypes in(More)
Insight of how growth and metabolism in skeletal muscle are related is still lacking in early vertebrates. In this context, molecules involved in these processes, such as leptin, AMP-activated(More)
Chronic stress detrimentally affects animal health and homeostasis, with somatic growth, and thus skeletal muscle, being particularly affected. A detailed understanding of the underlying endocrine(More)
In the present study, different reference genes were isolated, and their stability in the skeletal muscle of fine flounder subjected to different nutritional states was assessed using geNorm and(More)