Alfredo Hernández-Llamas

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The algae Ulva lactuca and Gracilaria parvispora are abundant in the Gulf of California, rich in nutrients, and may be used as a source of protein in balanced diets for shrimp. This study tests whether their meal, as a partial inclusion in diets for juvenile Litopenaeus vannamei, is feasible. Percentages of inclusion were 5, 10, and 15 %. Results showed(More)
A total of 16 data sets on wild and cultivated fishes, crustaceans and molluscs were used to test and compare conventional growth curves (von Bertalanffy, Logistic, Gompertz and Richards) and a new growth model. Statistical properties for estimation of the models were evaluated and compared to determine suitability. The absolute value of the Hougaard(More)
BACKGROUND Bioprocessing of ingredients by solid-state fermentation is a low-cost technique for preparing diets. It is performed by adding microorganisms such as Rhizopus oligosporus to bean grains, achieving minimal degradation of nutrients and a significant improvement in digestibility. In particular, fermentation induces favorable changes in beans by(More)
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