Alfredo Giani

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Identification and measurement of blood vessels in retinal images could allow quantitative evaluation of clinical features, which may allow early diagnosis and effective monitoring of therapies in retinopathy. A new system is proposed for the automatic extraction of the vascular structure in retinal images, based on a sparse tracking technique. After(More)
ICHIM 03 – Tools and Methods for digitization / Outils et méthodes pour la numérisation Abstract The European project IST-2000-28008 'Veridical Imaging of Transmissive and Reflective Artefacts' (VITRA) commenced in March 2002. It aims to facilitate the capture of high-resolution digital images of decorated surfaces in historical buildings. The principal(More)
Automatic tracking of blood vessels in images of retinal fundus is an important and non-invasive procedure for the diagnosis of many diseases. Tracking techniques often present a high rate of false positives. This paper presents six methods to discriminate false detections from true positives, each based on a different model of the vessel. They describe a(More)
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