Alfredo Gardel-Vicente

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Here, we propose a model to determine the effect of multipath in indoor environments when the shape and characteristics of the environment are known. The main paper goal is to model the multipath signal formation to solve, as much as possible, the negative effects in light communications, as well as the indoor positioning errors due to this phenomenon when(More)
Here, we present an indoor positioning system (IPS) for detecting mobile agents based on a single Position Sensitive Device sensor (PSD) sited in the environment and InfraRed Emitter Diode (IRED) located on mobile agents. The main goal of the work is to develop an alternative IPS to other sensing technologies, cheaper, easier to install and with a low(More)
Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and, recently, System on Chip (SoC) devices have been applied in different areas and fields for the past 20 years. The initial planned roadmaps to deploy them in electronics devices/applications have been widely exceeded due to the high performance that they can achieve. Other improvements such as scalability,(More)
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