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Nanocrystalline cellulose applied simultaneously as the gate dielectric and the substrate in flexible field effect transistors.
Cotton-based nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), also known as nanopaper, one of the major sources of renewable materials, is a promising substrate and component for producing low cost fully recyclableExpand
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High-resolution parameter space of an experimental chaotic circuit.
A high-resolution codimension-two parameter space showing the abundance of complex periodic structures of an experimental chaotic circuit is reported. Such resolution was propitiated by the use of aExpand
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Direct evidences of enhanced Ga interdiffusion in InAs vertically aligned free-standing nanowires.
Direct evidences of enhanced Ga interdiffusion in InAs free-standing nanowires grown at moderate temperatures by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs (111)B are presented in this work. Scanning electronExpand
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Electronic transport in p-type doped GaAs nanowires
It is shown that Mg can be used as a p-type nontoxic and noncarcinogenic alternative dopant in GaAs nanowires. The analysis of the temperature dependence of the electrical properties of individualExpand
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Electrical observation of sub-band formation in SnO2 nanobelts.
The electrical observation of energy sub-band formation in the electronic structure, that gives rise to the phenomenon of quantized transport is reported in tin oxide (SnO2) nanobelt back-gateExpand
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Low frequency oscillations in semi-insulating GaAs: a nonlinear analysis.
We have observed low frequency current oscillations in a semi-insulating GaAs sample grown by low temperature molecular beam epitaxy. For this, an experimental setup proper to measure high impedanceExpand
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Fluctuating potentials in GaAs:Si nanowires: critical reduction of the influence of polytypism on the electronic structure.
In this work, the effects of Si doping in GaAs nanowires (NWs) grown on GaAs (111)B by molecular beam epitaxy with different Si doping levels (nominal free carrier concentrations of 1 × 1016, 8 ×Expand
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Substrate and Mg doping effects in GaAs nanowires
Mg doping of GaAs nanowires has been established as a viable alternative to Be doping in order to achieve p-type electrical conductivity. Although reports on the optical properties are available, fewExpand
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Metal-to-insulator transition induced by UV illumination in a single SnO2 nanobelt.
An individual tin oxide (SnO2) nanobelt was connected in a back-gate field-effect transistor configuration and the conductivity of the nanobelt was measured at different temperatures from 400 K to 4Expand
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Mg-doping of GaAs thin films grown by MBE
The influence of the growth conditions in the incorporation of Mg dopant atoms during the growth of GaAs thin films using two different substrate orientations was investigated electrically by HallExpand