Alfredo Fortunato

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The University of Salerno (Italy) has recently been equipped with a pair of aerials that are able to receive data transmitted from various satellite platforms such as the NOAA and the Terra-1 and Aqua-1 EOS. These satellites are fitted with sensors that pick up information regarding soil and cloud temperature, the humidity level of the atmosphere, the(More)
Molybdenum-99 is one of the most important radionuclides for medical diagnostics. In 2015, the International Atomic Energy Agency organized a round-robin exercise where the participants measured and calculated specific saturation activities achievable for the 98Mo(n,γ)99Mo reaction. This reaction is of interest as a means to locally, and on a small scale,(More)
This paper is devoted to the application of unilateral models to the stress analysis of masonry structures. Some 2d applications of what we can call the simplified masonry-like model for masonry, are discussed and studied. The results here presented demonstrate that the unilateral model for masonry can be a useful tool for modeling real masonry structures.(More)
In the present paper, on assuming that the material has infinite friction and no cohesion, i.e. it is No-Tension in the sense of Heyman, we study the equilibrium of cross vaults of unequal rise, such as those of some Romanesque and Gothic churches. In particular the case study of the lateral cross vaults of the Cathedral of the old town of Caserta is(More)
In this paper a 5 axes CAM procedure for the laser milling of free form surfaces has been developed and experimentally verified. The laser beam is deflected by a galvanometric scanning head and is directly moved on the working surface by the CNC controlled axes of a machine center. The procedure has been implemented in a software called CALM (computer aided(More)
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