Alfredo D. Prudente

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Obesity is a growing global public health dilemma. The objective of this project is to develop and validate a screening mechanism for bioactive compounds that may reduce body fat and promote health. Resistant starch (RS) reduces body fat in rodents. Amylose starch that has a high content of RS, endogenous compounds obtained from the ceca of amylose starch(More)
The present study was conducted to determine the influence of an ozonation process on lutein and protein in clean and contaminated corns. This study aimed to determine the levels of lutein and protein in corn before and after ozonation and to verify the antimutagenic potential of the extracted lutein against aflatoxin using the Ames test. The lutein content(More)
BACKGROUND Insomnia is common in the elderly and is associated with chronic disease, but use of hypnotics increases the incidence of falls. Montmorency tart cherry juice has improved insomnia by self-report questionnaire. STUDY QUESTION Is insomnia confirmed by polysomnography and is tryptophan availability a potential mechanism for treating insomnia? (More)
The most important problem in achieving high yields in rice is how to increase the nitrogen (N) absorption at each growth stage without reducing the percentage of ripened grains. Proper amount and timing of application could reduce N losses and increase fertilizer use efficiency while cost of production is also reduced and yield is increased. In order to(More)
Solutions of green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract (GTE) in distilled water were evaluated as a glazing material for shrimp frozen by cryogenic freezing. Total of 2%, 3%, and/or 5% GTE solutions (2GTE, 3GTE, 5GTE) were used for glazing. Distilled water glazed (GDW) and nonglazed shrimp (NG) served as controls. The GTE was characterized by measuring color,(More)
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