Alfredo C Castro

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This paper presents the development and implementation of a visual information management system to be used for local as well as remote monitoring and supervision of critical areas in buildings. The proposed system uses a network Internet-like based communication link and it has been built upon the client-server paradigm. Results about the image quality and(More)
The integration of force feedback with a complete real-time virtual environment system shows some more difficult problems than those found in building a typical force feedback system. Particularly, bulky computations for graphics or simulation require decoupling the haptic servo-loop from the main application loop if high-quality forces (realistic) are to(More)
Obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) are two major public health problems that have motivated the scientific community to investigate the high contribution of genetic factors to these disorders. The peroxisome proliferator activated by gamma 2 (PPARγ2) plays an important role in the lipid metabolism. Since PPARγ2 is expressed mainly in adipose tissue,(More)
So far, Earth-based space science has been carried out from a few dedicated facilities, with scientists working away from their home institution and with limited participation of the science community to the experiments. A better approach to ground control of space experiments would consist of deploying a network of operation stations located at various(More)
This paper sets forth the development of visual inspection system for detecting imperfections and foreign objects in empty glass containers. The task is divided in Sidewall Inspection that looks for sidewall chips, fused glasses, cracks, defects such as the so-called " ribbon tear " , etc. and Bottom Inspection that looks for fragments of glass, fused(More)
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