Alfredo Avellaneda Fernández

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Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterised by intense fatigue, with duration of over six months and associated to other related symptoms. The latter include asthenia and easily induced tiredness that is not recovered after a night's sleep. The fatigue becomes so severe that it forces a 50% reduction in daily activities. Given its unknown aetiology, different(More)
Chiari disease (or malformation) is in general a congenital condition characterized by an anatomic defect of the base of the skull, in which the cerebellum and brain stem herniate through the foramen magnum into the cervical spinal canal. The onset of Chiari syndrome symptoms usually occurs in the second or third decade (age 25 to 45 years). Symptoms may(More)
OBJECTIVES Adiponectin is an adipocyte-derived plasma protein with insulin-sensitizing and antiatherosclerotic properties. The objectives of the present study were to determine the amniotic fluid (AF) concentration of adiponectin during the second trimester of pregnancy and to demonstrate its association with maternal and fetal variables and AF(More)
OBJECTIVES The problem of the need for primary care (PC) training in rare diseases (RD) is approached through a qualitative research study that tries to define its relevance and to identify the need for RD training in PC. METHODS By means of naturalistic research methods (in-depth interviews and group dynamics), we tried to discover the personal and(More)
OBJECTIVES Identify the elements that lead to the perception that primary health care physicians (PHCP) have as regards rare diseases (RD) as a whole, and to analyse the characteristics of these patients with rare diseases. METHODS Descriptive cross-sectional study. Surveys completed by PHCP during the years 2008-2010 were used to explore(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The impact and burden of disease of the rare diseases (RD) is not known, also the type of disability that entail. The objective of the work is to analyze the socio-sanitary impact of the RD in Spain. PATIENTS AND METHOD This is a nationwide study. The dimensions used were mobility, personal care and daily activities of the(More)
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