Alfredo Alguero

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The PM/Scl antigen from mammalian cells has been characterized as a nucleolar and nucleoplasmic molecular complex containing at least 16 polypeptides ranging in molecular weight from 110 to 20 kD. Of these polypeptides, we have found those of 68, 39 and 20 kD to be in a phosphorilated form. Whereas the entire complex was precipitated by all the anti-PM/Scl(More)
The induction of a chronic graft-versus-host (cGVH) disease in (Balb/c x A/J)F1 mice by the intravenous injection of either Balb/c or A/J parental lymphoid cells led to the development of two different models of disease. In this paper we compared the clinical aspects and the antigen specificities which recognized the autoantibodies developed by the animals(More)
We identified three patients (two of them relatives) with RA and signs of scleroderma whose sera contained a high titre of IgG class antibodies against the nucleoli and the nucleoplasm of cells of different mammalian origins. Sera from these patients uniformly immunoprecipitated four polypeptides, from a 35S-methionine-labelled HeLa cell extract, whose mol.(More)
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