Alfred Winter

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Information management in hospitals is a complex task. In order to reduce complexity, we distinguish strategic, tactical, and operational information management. This is essential, because each of these information management levels views hospital information systems from different perspectives, and therefore uses other methods and tools. Since all these(More)
OBJECTIVES Systematic information management in hospitals demands for a strategic information management plan (SIM plan). As preparing a SIM plan is a considerable challenge we provide a practical guideline that is directly applicable when a SIM plan is going to be prepared. METHODS The guideline recommends a detailed structure of a SIM plan and gives(More)
OBJECTIVE Both regional health information systems (rHIS) and hospital information systems (HIS) need systematic information management. Due to their complexity information management needs a thorough description or model of the managed information system. METHODS The three layer graph-based meta-model (3LGM(2)) and the 3LGM(2) tool provide means for(More)
More than 10 years ago Haux et al. tried to answer the question how health care provision will look like in the year 2013. A follow-up workshop was held in Braunschweig, Germany, for 2 days in May, 2013, with 20 invited international experts in biomedical and health informatics. Among other things it had the objectives to discuss the suggested goals and(More)
Im Rahmen des Workshops 2006 der Software Engineering Professorinnen und Professoren im deutschsprachigen Raum in Bad Windsheim vom 25.-27.09.06 wurde ein Manifest Qualität in der Medizin durch Software Engineering erstellt, das im folgenden kurz skizziert und auf der Softwaretechnik Tagung 2007 zur Diskussion gestellt wird.
This paper presents formal approaches for assessing the integration of information system components. They were developed to support decisions in the strategic management of information systems. The fulfillment of integration requirements, the dependency of information system components on each other, and the heterogeneity of the integration infrastructure(More)
OBJECTIVES One of the tasks of information management is systematic planning of a Hospital Information System (HIS). However, the description and the analysis of the current state of a HIS typically create high costs and are not well supported. The aim of this paper is therefore to report about the specification of a reference model for the domain layer of(More)