Alfred W. Pauson

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This paper describes a non-invasive, self-measured procedure by which the precancerous breast can be distinguished from the normal breast. The method involves wearing a specially designed thermometric brassiere for 90 min each evening at home through one menstrual cycle. Profiles of progesterone through the cycle, obtained from daily saliva sampling, and(More)
Epidemiologists have established that women with small families, and particularly nulliparae, are prone to develop breast cancer later in life. We report that physiological mammary hypervascularity may be an intermediate reason against the background that breast-core vascularity is normal in pregnancy but pathological in the vascularisation of cancer. We(More)
In Britain and other high-risk countries, about a third of patients with breast cancer are premenopausal at diagnosis. In the remainder, tumour initiation might have occurred in the premenopause, even though the clinical presentation was late in life. This possibility has important implications for breast cancer prevention and screening. The relations(More)
Breast temperatures have been measured by the automated instrumentation called the 'Chronobra' for 16 progesterone cycles in women at normal risk for breast cancer and for 15 cycles in women at high risk for breast cancer. Circatrigintan and circaseptan rhythm parameters have been examined by the single and population mean cosinor technique. In the first(More)
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