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This paper describes a simple, efficient algorithm to locate all occurrences of any of a finite number of keywords in a string of text. The algorithm consists of constructing a finite state pattern matching machine from the keywords and then using the pattern matching machine to process the text string in a single pass. Construction of the pattern matching(More)
We consider economical representations for the path information in a directed graph. A directed graph G is said to be a transitive reduction of the directed graph G provided that (i) G has a directed path from vertex u to vertex v if and only if G has a directed path from vertex u to vertex v, and (ii) there is no graph with fewer arcs than G satisfying(More)
There is a growing consensus that crosscutting concerns harm code quality. An example of a crosscutting concern is a functional requirement whose implementation is distributed across multiple software modules. We asked the question, "How much does the amount that a concern is crosscutting affect the number of defects in a program?" We conducted three(More)