Alfred Uwitonze

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The problem of finding the number and optimal positions of relay nodes for restoring the network connectivity in partitioned Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is Non-deterministic Polynomial-time hard (NP-hard) and thus heuristic methods are preferred to solve it. This paper proposes a novel polynomial time heuristic algorithm, namely, Relay Placement using(More)
Space Information Flow (SIF) is a new promising research field which studies network coding in geometric space, such as Euclidean space. The design of an algorithm that computes the optimal SIF solutions remains one of the key open problems in SIF. This work proposes a new heuristic SIF algorithm that computes the optimal min-cost in multicast networks for(More)
Network coding in geometric space, a new research direction also known as S pace In f ormation Flow, is a promising research field which shows the superiority of network coding in space over routing in space. Present literatures proved that given six terminal nodes, network coding in space is strictly superior to routing in space in terms of single-source(More)
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