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BACKGROUND Acute mountain sickness may be caused by cerebrovascular fluid leakage due to oxidative damage to the endothelium. This may be reduced by oral antioxidant supplementation. AIM To assess the effectiveness of antioxidant supplementation for the prevention of acute mountain sickness (AMS). DESIGN A parallel-group double blind, randomized(More)
Neutrophils play a central role in the innate immune response and a critical role in bacterial killing. Most studies of neutrophil function have been conducted under conditions of ambient oxygen, but inflamed sites where neutrophils operate may be extremely hypoxic. Previous studies indicate that neutrophils sense and respond to hypoxia via the ubiquitous(More)
Neutrophil lifespan and function are regulated by hypoxia via components of the hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)/von Hippel Lindau/hydroxylase pathway, including specific roles for HIF-1α and prolyl hydroxylase-3. HIF-2α has both distinct and overlapping biological roles with HIF-1α and has not previously been studied in the context of neutrophil biology. We(More)
BACKGROUND The death receptor ligand tumour necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) shows considerable clinical promise as a therapeutic agent. TRAIL induces leukocyte apoptosis, reducing acute inflammatory responses in the lung. It is not known whether TRAIL modifies chronic lung injury or whether TRAIL has a role in human idiopathic(More)
Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a common problem among visitors at high altitude, and may progress to life-threatening pulmonary and cerebral oedema in a minority of cases. International consensus defines AMS as a constellation of subjective, non-specific symptoms. Specifically, headache, sleep disturbance, fatigue and dizziness are given equal diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic strategies to modulate the host response to bacterial pneumonia are needed to improve outcomes during community-acquired pneumonia. This study used mice with impaired Fas signalling to examine susceptibility to pneumococcal pneumonia and decoy receptor 3 analogue (DcR3-a) to correct factors associated with increased susceptibility. (More)
Flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy is a safe procedure with a major complication rate of ,1% in most published studies [1]. In one retrospective study of .4,000 bronchoscopies, major complications (respiratory failure, pneumothorax and pulmonary haemorrhage of .50 mLs) occurred in 0.5% of procedures and minor complications (laryngospasm, vomiting,(More)
The exciting promise of Microsoft.NET Technology inspired four teachers from high schools in Florida, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and California to collaborate using the new technology to teach high school programming. Follow their adventures through the school year of implementing a new technology, coordinating curriculum and partnering distant students.(More)
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