Alfred Strey

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A neural network specification language is presented that can be used for the high-level description of artificial and biology-oriented neural networks. The main objective of the language design is the support of the inherent parallelism of neural networks so that efficient simulation code for parallel computers and neurocomputer architectures can be(More)
This paper presents a new concept for a parallel neurocom-puter architecture which is based on a conngurable neuroprocessor design. The neuroprocessor adapts its internal parallelism dynamically to the required data precision for achieving an optimal utilization of the available hardware resources. This is realized by encoding a variable number of p(More)
This paper discusses several possibilities for the parallel implementation of a two-layer artificial neural network on a Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP). Thread-parallel implementations based on OpenMP and process-parallel implementations based on the MPI communication library are compared. Different data and work partitioning strategies are investigated and(More)