Alfred Schmitt

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A Dynamic Programming (DP) based algorithm that achieves real-time, high quality stereo-matching is presented. A special coarse to fine approach as well as the MMX based assembler implementation mainly contribute to the reached computation speed. A novel vertical smoothing approach by re-integrating paths inside the DP matching allows the avoidance of noisy(More)
This paper describes a system for dynamic simulation of linked rigid bodies in real-time. The system was developed to simulate mechanical behaviour in VR applications. An extension for a 3D modelling tool was developed which provides the possibility to model a VR scene including the geometries and mechanical parameters of all rigid bodies and the properties(More)
Architectural settings occur in many virtual environments. Modeling such highly detailed structures manually is a time-consuming and tedious task. Therefore we propose a system for the rapid modeling of building façades. The designer just has to provide some coarse information, the building outline, its type and style and the computer takes care of creating(More)
Markerless optical motion tracking is still a challenging task; especially applied for interactive environment there real-time is required. Tracking methods based on silhouette extraction seem to have the ability for robust real-time detection. But most background subtraction methods are unable to adapt their background model to the fast changing(More)
This paper addresses the problem of optimal placement and configuration for a set of buttons on a graphical user interface (GUI). We present an optimization algorithm that reduces the average time necessary for pointing device motions. Fitts’ law (Fitts 1954) is used to estimate the transfer time for cursor movements between buttons. Numerous studies in the(More)