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A Dynamic Programming (DP) based algorithm that achieves real-time, high quality stereo-matching is presented. A special coarse to fine approach as well as the MMX based assembler implementation mainly contribute to the reached computation speed. A novel vertical smoothing approach by re-integrating paths inside the DP matching allows the avoidance of noisy(More)
Clustering large data sets is a central challenge in gene expression analysis. The hybridization of synthetic oligonucleotides to arrayed cDNAs yields a fingerprint for each cDNA clone. Cluster analysis of these fingerprints can identify clones corresponding to the same gene. We have developed a novel algorithm for cluster analysis that is based on graph(More)
The Shannon entropy is a standard measure for the order state of symbol sequences, such as, for example, DNA sequences. In order to incorporate correlations between symbols, the entropy of n-mers (consecutive strands of n symbols) has to be determined. Here, an assay is presented to estimate such higher order entropies (block entropies) for DNA sequences(More)
This paper describes a system for dynamic simulation of linked rigid bodies in real-time. The system was developed to simulate mechanical behaviour in VR applications. An extension for a 3D modelling tool was developed which provides the possibility to model a VR scene including the geometries and mechanical parameters of all rigid bodies and the properties(More)
We present an interactive, real-time mapping system for use with digital elevation models and remotely sensed multispectral imagery, which aids geoscientists in the creation and interpretation of geologic/neotectonic maps at length scales of 10 m to 1000 km. Our system provides a terrain visualization of the surface of the Earth or other terrestrial planets(More)
A simplified numeric method for the mechanical simulation in virtual realty systems Abstract Present virtual reality systems (VR-systems) must still extended considerably in their functionality to model autonomous mobile robots as interaction-partners. Especially it must be possible to simulate nearly precise the mechanics in the VR-simulation. With this in(More)