Alfred S Casale

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OBJECTIVE To test whether an integrated delivery system could successfully implement an evidence-based pay-for-performance program for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. METHODS The program consisted of 3 components: (1) establishing implementable best practices; (2) developing risk-based pricing; (3) establishing a mechanism for patient(More)
A retrospective analysis of the records of 60 patients who underwent pericardiectomy over a 10-year period (1980 to 1990) at The Johns Hopkins Hospital was performed. Indications for operation were effusive disease in 24 patients and constriction in 36 patients. Six patients (10%) with pericardial effusion had pain as the primary symptom necessitating(More)
Experimental data suggesting that oxygen-derived free radicals may play a role in the myocardial injury associated with ischemia and reperfusion are presented. In several studies of prolonged global myocardial ischemia, the administration of free radical scavenging agents, such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, and mannitol, resulted in significantly(More)
The effectiveness of postischemic reperfusion with mannitol has been well documented in previous studies. Mannitol, a hyperosmolar agent, is also an effective scavenger of the cytotoxic hydroxyl radical. If mannitol acts solely as a hyperosmolar agent, hyperosmolar reperfusion with its isomer, glucose, should be equally effective. To elucidate the(More)
Because leukocytes and oxygen radical species contribute to ischemic and reperfusion injury during organ preservation, we examined the effects of a long-acting liposomal superoxide dismutase (liposomal SOD) and mechanical filtration of leukocytes on cardiopulmonary graft function after 12 hours of static preservation. Bovine heart-lung blocks were(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether an integrated delivery system could, through the application of process redesign methodology and reliability science, implement multiple evidence-based medical practices across the continuum of care for a specific surgical intervention and deliver these practices consistently. METHODS The programme-ProvenCare--had three(More)
Left internal mammary artery (LIMA) grafts have better long-term patency rates than do saphenous vein grafts and result in improved late survival. The present study was undertaken to assess the results of LIMA grafting in the elderly. From 1980 through 1988, 723 patients 70 years of age or older had isolated coronary artery bypass grafting performed. During(More)
Comparative effectiveness research (CER) represents an evolution in clinical decision-making research that allows for the study of heterogeneous groups of patients with complex diseases processes. It has foundations in decision science, reliability science, and health care policy research. Health care finance will increasingly rely on CER for guidance in(More)
The development of and recovery from a severe yet nonlethal myocardial injury following hyperkalemic cardioplegia and prolonged hypothermic global ischemia was examined over 14 days in a rat model of heterotopic intraabdominal cardiac isograft transplantation. Mitochondrial enzymatic markers of myocardial ischemic injury and light microscopic signs of(More)