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The effect of selective decontamination of the digestive tract (SDD) on Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU)-acquired enterococcal infection and colonization was studied. Changes in the predominant species isolated and resistance patterns to antimicrobial agents were also studied. Three groups were investigated: historical control (HC), contemporaneous control (CC)(More)
We reviewed electrocardiograms of 23 patients with intermittent left bundle-branch block. A characteristic electrocardiographic pattern consisting of right and mid-precordial deep symmetrical T-wave inversions was detected during normal conduction in 19 of the 23. Of the seven patients who had cardiac catheterization, only two had findings suggestive or(More)
In eight patients we have demonstrated manifold types of impairment of impulse conduction produced by hyperkalemia. These abnormalities of impulse conduction occurred either simultaneously or in sequence, and were located in the atria, in the A-V junction, in the fascicular distribution of the ventricular conduction system, or in the free ventricular walls.(More)
In a previous report dealing with intermittent ventricular bigeminy due to ventricular premature systoles with fixed coupling in the presence of a grossly irregular dominant pacemaker, it was shown that the appearance and disappearance of the ectopic beats were dependent upon the length of the ventricular cycle ("rule of bigeminy"). In the present report,(More)