Alfred Nordmann

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If one considers the Collingridge dilemma to be a dilemma awaiting a solution, one has implicitly abandoned a genuinely historical conception of the future and adopted instead a notion of the future as an object of technical design, the realisation of technical possibility or as wish-fulfilment. The definition of technology assessment (TA) as a successful(More)
Take the idea of exponential technological growth, work it through to its logical conclusion, and there you have the singularity. Its bold incredibility pushes aside incredulity, as it challenges us to confront all the things we thought could never come true—the creation of superintelligent, conscious organisms, nanorobots that can swim in our bloodstreams(More)
The clarification of the nanotechnological research enterprise calls for a contribution of philosophy of science within the disciplinary division of labor. This applies, in particular, to the definition of the nanometer size range that presupposes measurement and measurement apparatus, and thus a particular way of acting. Action is guided by purposes. An(More)
The recent efforts to identify and analyse the neo-Kantian roots of logical positivism have primarily concentrated on the impact of the Marburg School on Carnap and Schlick. Among the Marburgers, attention focused primarily on Ernst Cassirer. From among the contemporaries of the neo-positivists he is commonly regarded as their leading representative. In(More)