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During the Central African (Sahelian) drought, attacks of falciparum malaria were common in patients and their relatives shortly after their arrival in a hospital in Eastern Niger. A prospective study of 72 adult patients not admitted for malaria and 109 accompanying relatives was undertaken to investigate this observation. 23 attacks occurred in patients(More)
Observations among milk-drinking African nomads showed an unusual freedom from infection with Entamoeba histolytica compared with similar nomads taking a mixed diet. A controlled study among Maasai pastoralists showed that the administration of iron to correct their dietary iron deficiency sharply increased their susceptibility to amoebiasis. Examination of(More)
The hypothesis is advanced that starvation suppresses and refeeding activates certain infections as an essential part of an ecological balance between man, his animals, and his environment. During famine, then, man fails to thrive, but his ultimate extinction is prevented in part by the parallel decline in fecundity of his "micropredators". In times of(More)
To learn whether asthmatic children are affected by passive smoking, we studied 240 unselected consecutively referred asthmatic subjects, aged 7 to 17 years. To discover whether children of smokers are affected more severely during the cold, wet season, when windows are closed and children are indoors, than during the warm, dry season, when houses are well(More)
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