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Loss of skeletal muscle is a major factor in the poor survival of patients with cancer cachexia. This study examines the mechanism of catabolism of skeletal muscle by a tumour product, proteolysis-inducing factor (PIF). Intravenous administration of PIF to normal mice produced a rapid decrease in body weight (1.55 +/- 0.12 g in 24 h) that was accompanied by(More)
In six months patients from a defined population of 11,417 provided 826 casual attendances for minor conditions at a hospital accident department and 1,430 similar attendances at a health centre treatment room. Attendances at the accident department reached a peak during the early evening, and included relatively more males, more adults, more patients with(More)
A questionnaire to establish the presence of 15 symptoms thought to be typical of the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) was given to 109 unselected patients referred to gastroenterology or surgery clinics with abdominal pain or a change in bowel habit or both. Review of case records 17--26 months later established a definite diagnosis of IBS in 32 patients and(More)
In vitro measurements of skin absorption are an increasingly important aspect of regulatory studies, product support claims, and formulation screening. However, such measurements are significantly affected by skin variability. The purpose of this study was to determine inter- and intralaboratory variation in diffusion cell measurements caused by factors(More)
An attempted controlled trial of exclusively breast fed neonates with atopic parents, to assess the effectiveness of breast feeding in preventing atopic allergy, was not successfully achieved. Analysis of the data as an observational study, however, provided evidence that breast feeding offers some protection against eczema in genetically vulnerable(More)
A single midluteal serum progesterone concentration was obtained in 212 untreated cycles in 113 infertile patients, including 138 cycles in 72 patients in whom tubal, seminal, and cervical causes of infertility had been excluded. There were 16 conception cycles in the latter group. In an extended study a total of 21 untreated singleton conception cycles(More)
Twenty-eight Down's syndrome children and 22 normal children were evaluated for patellar tendon reflex, muscle tone and grip strength. All of this subjects were between the ages of 4 and 17 years. It was the purpose of this study to determine the differences between Down's syndrome and normal children. The standard patellar reflex test was used for one(More)
A prospective study has been made of the accuracy of the diagnoses made by radiologists and by two computer methods of prediction in 120 children having radiological examinations of the small bowel. The predicted diagnoses were calculated using the Bayesian and Relative Likelihood techniques. The results have been compared with the final clinical diagnoses,(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe body composition, muscular strength, pulmonary function, and aerobic capacity of young swimmers, after 6 years of training. Twelve male members of a competitive swim team, ranging in age for 13 to 16 years, served as subjects. Each subject was measured on 2 separate days at approximately the same time of day on each(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of knowledge of results, i.e., visual feedback from watching the torque curve on the Cybex II recorder, on knee extensor and flexor strength (peak torque in ft-lb), and fatigue (strength decrement) during reciprocal, isokinetic testing at speeds of 15O/sec (slow) and 300 degrees /sec (fast). Knowledge(More)