Alfred Mertins

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This paper presents a novel method for image similarity measure, where a hand-drawn rough black and white sketch is compared with an existing data base of full color images (art works and photographs). The proposed system creates ambient intelligence in terms of the evaluation of nonprecise, easy to input sketched information. The system can then provide(More)
We propose a joint source-channel decoding approach for multidimensional correlated source signals. A Markov random field (MRF) source model is used which exemplarily considers the residual spatial correlations in an image signal after source encoding. Furthermore, the MRF parameters are selected via an analysis based on extrinsic information transfer(More)
This paper addresses the usability of channel shortening equalizers known for data transmission systems for the equalization of acoustic systems. In multicarrier systems, equalization filters are used to shorten the channel's effective length to the size of a cyclic prefix or the guard interval. In most applications the equalizer succeeds the channel. In(More)
Major progress is being recorded regularly on both the technology and exploitation of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and spoken language systems. However, there are still technological barriers to flexible solutions and user satisfaction under some circumstances. This is related to several factors, such as the sensitivity to the environment (background(More)
The purpose of room impulse response (RIR) shortening and reshaping is usually to improve the intelligibility of the received signal by prefiltering the source signal before it is played with a loudspeaker in a closed room. In an alternative, but mathematically equivalent setting, one may aim to postfilter a recorded microphone signal to remove audible(More)
Compressed sensing (CS) holds considerable promise to accelerate the data acquisition in magnetic resonance imaging by exploiting signal sparsity. Prior knowledge about the signal can be exploited in some applications to choose an appropriate sparsifying transform. This work presents a CS reconstruction for magnetic resonance (MR) parameter mapping, which(More)
This paper introduces the new OLdenburg LOgatome speech corpus (OLLO) and outlines design considerations during its creation. OLLO is distinct from previous ASR corpora as it specifically targets (1) the fair comparison between human and machine speech recognition performance, and (2) the realistic representation of intrinsic variabilities in speech that(More)
Edge-based and region-based active contours are frequently used in image segmentation. While edges characterize small neighborhoods of pixels, region descriptors characterize entire image regions that may have overlapping probability densities. In this paper, we propose to characterize image regions locally by defining local region descriptors (LRDs). These(More)
In this paper, design methods for perfect reconstruction (PR) oversampled cosine-modulated filter banks with integer oversampling factors and arbitrary delay are presented. The system delay, which is an important parameter in realtime applications, can be chosen independently of the prototype lengths. Oversampling gives us additional freedom in the filter(More)
Virtual 3-D sound can be easily delivered to a listener by binaural audio signals that are reproduced via headphones, which guarantees that only the correct signals reach the corresponding ears. Reproducing the binaural audio signal by two or more loudspeakers introduces the problems of crosstalk on the one hand, and, of reverberation on the other hand. In(More)