Alfred M. Powell

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This paper presents a visual information exploration tool called INSPECT. INSPECT provides geospatial information analysts with an effective way to visually filter multidimensional data and explore the underlying information contained within it. In geospatial intelligence information analyses, it is necessary to query, visualize and understand the data(More)
The tropospheric and stratospheric temperature trends and uncertainties in the fifth Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) model simulations in the period of 1979–2005 have been compared with satellite observations. The satellite data include those from the Stratospheric Sounding Units (SSU), Microwave Sounding Units (MSU), and the Advanced(More)
This paper presents a new tool researched to assist users in rapidly assessing potential (pre-event) and actual (post event) damages from environmental related circumstances. This investigation led to the formulation of interactive analysis by tying disparate data sources together through a lens and filter paradigm. In the preliminary development, a(More)
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