Alfred Lorriaux

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The authors report the case of a patient suffering from ulcerative colitis, who had several episodes of digestive hemorrhage due to portal hypertension. Portal hypertension was secondary to chronic portal vein thrombosis. This diagnosis was made on the venous phase of celiac and mesenteric angiography. The authors review the published cases of ulcerative(More)
A prospective, controlled study was carried out to determine if there was an association between hiatus hernia and cholelithiasis. The prevalence of gallstones was calculated in 100 patients (50 men and 50 women) with radiological evidence of hiatus hernia. 100 subjects (50 men and 50 women) without hiatus hernia, matched for age, body-weight, and number of(More)
BACKGROUND Breast and gynecological tumors are the most common cancers in women. The aim of this study was to show the epidemiologic features of gynecological and breast cancers in the French administrative district of La Somme. METHODS This study focused on the 1982-1999 period. Incidence, mortality and survival rates were calculated. RESULTS In(More)
Distal esophageal varices are most frequently associated with portal hypertension, while varices of the upper esophagus are occasionally observed in patients with vena caval obstruction. One hundred and nineteen cases of upper esophageal varices (downhill varices) have been reported in the literature. We report 6 cases (4 men and 2 women), with vena caval(More)
In a prospective study of liver function in 19 patients with Crohn's disease, examination of liver biopsies showed a sinusoidal dilatation in 16 patients. This dilatation was moderate in 5 cases and pronounced in 6 cases and was associated with a closely parallel dilatation of the centrilobular vein. There was no correlation between these diffuse vascular(More)
A number of studies have demonstrated a high incidence of synchronous or metachronous esophageal carcinoma in association with carcinoma of head and neck. Carcinoma of the esophagus must be systematically looked for before the treatment of head-neck carcinomas and during follow-up. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of synchronous(More)
In a 65-year-old woman, radiological and endoscopical findings of gastric metastasis from breast carcinoma are described. Significant upper gastrointestinal bleeding necessitated an emergency gastroscopy. The ulcerated nodular lesion was bleeding and removed by diathermy loop via fiberoptic gastroscopy.