Alfred K. Wong

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Advances in lithography have contributed significantly to the advancement of the integrated circuit technology. While non-optical next-generation lithography (NGL) solutions are being developed, optical lithography continues to be the workhorse for high-throughput very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) lithography. Extending optical lithography to the(More)
The continuous shrinkage of minimum feature size in integrated circuit (IC) fabrication incurs more and more serious distortion in the optical projection lithography process, generating circuit patterns that deviate significantly from the desired ones. Conventional resolution enhancement techniques (RETs) are facing critical challenges in compensating such(More)
We applied an inverse synthesis method to design phase-shifting mask (PSM) via gradient descent optimization under the coherent illumination assumption. The synthesized PSMs have high fidelity and sharp image slope. 1. Introduction Optical lithography is the process in which we transfer the circuit patterns from the mask to the silicon wafer by means of(More)
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