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  • A Jost
  • 1983
The mode of chromosomal sex determination is opposite in mammals and in birds, the heterogametic sex being male in the former and female in the latter. This difference is parallel by a basic program of development of sex characters in the absence of gonads; this program is feminine in mammals and male in birds. 'Defeminization' is produced by the testes in(More)
The serum of 20 apparently hypergonadotropic and/or hyperprolactinemic patients (14 females, 6 males, ages 13-75 years) without evidence of neoplasia or pituitary adenomas was found to contain a large amount of molecular material (MW ca. 100,000) resulting in factitiously elevated levels of peptide hormones when measured by double-antibody radioimmunoassay(More)
45 patients with UCLP/UCL and BCLP/BCL had a lip repair at a mean age of 4 months according to the principles of Delaire from 1989 to 1993. Their aesthetic results and the influence upon growth and symmetry of the face was evaluated by standardized checking of possible negative points of the lip, nose and alveolus, by measuring different distances of the(More)