Alfred J. Wakeman

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The results above reported lead to the conclusion that while in the degenerating cells chemical changes are taking place tending toward a diminution of the hexon bases as a whole, they affect the arginin especially. One may picture the process either as a partial or as a complete breaking down of certain proteid. material more or less rich in hexon bases,(More)
The study of alcaptonuria has yielded results of much value upon which to base speculations as to the mode of catabolism of the aromatic amino-acids, phenylalanine and tyrosine, in the normal and alcaptonuric organisms. As is well known these two amino-acids, both of them important derivatives of proteins, are apparently completely catabolized in the normal(More)
I t is the object of this communication to give the results of experimental observations on the behavior of various animal cells toward certain substances belonging to the aromatic type, notably phenol and indol. ]:he inquiry was prompted by the interest wMch attaches to a Study of the natural defenses of the organism against various ]~inds of damage(More)
Although the alterations in the composition of the blood which follow uncomplicated experimental double nephrectomy are of much interest in relation to the pathology of hlunan ureemic states, the literature relating to the subject is exceedingly limited, and it is certain that investigators have not given it the attention of which it is worthy. I t is the(More)
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