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A methodology for <b>visualizing</b> analytic and synthetic geometry in <i>R<sup>N</sup></i> is presented. It is based on a system of <b>parallel coordinates</b> which induces a non-projective mapping between N-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional sets. Hypersurfaces are represented by their planar images which have some geometrical properties analogous to the(More)
With a system of <italic>parallel coordinates</italic>, objects in <italic>R<supscrpt>N</supscrpt></italic> can be represented with planar &#8220;<italic>graphs</italic>&#8221; (i.e., planar diagrams) for arbitrary <italic>N</italic> [21]. In <italic>R</italic><supscrpt>2</supscrpt>, embedded in the projective plane, parallel coordinates induce a point(More)