Alfred Goldman

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Devices are described by means of which the terminals of thermopiles may be held in stable apposition with the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and postnasal space and local temperature variations thus followed. Chilling of the body surface has without exception caused depression of the temperature of the nasal mucosa surface, amounting in some(More)
Improvements are described in the method of following temperature changes, and thus alterations in vasomotor tone, in exposed mucous membranes. Invention of an applicator holder, by means of which more sure and stable apposition of the thermopile terminals to the mucous surface may be effected has been the chief advance. Minor improvements have been the use(More)
Four cases of posterior limbus vertebrae are presented, three in the lumbar spine and one in the lower thoracic spine. All four patients have myelographic documentation of herniated disc material affecting the spinal canal. One patient underwent an additional discogram that confirms the pathophysiology of the limbus vertebra by demonstrating that contrast(More)
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